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My shortstory

Hey Peops!

Ich bin gelangweilt. Habe heute gemerkt, dass ich es vermisse mein Gehirn zu benutzen, als ich die Englisch Hausaufgaben fuer jemand anderen gemacht habe!

Da ich nicht viel anderes spannendes zu erzaehlen habe, duerft ihr mein Meisterwerk hier betrachten *lool

Viel Spass :-P

Happily ever after

I am a lucky person. Remember, when you where a kid and you were dying to get this one special toy? It wasn't a rational decision we made, it was just something we saw and decided to need.

And remember that moment  you finally got it you were the happiest person in the world? Of course you grew older and wiser and then you started thinking it was stupid to wish for something banal like that. Or even just breaks. And then you threw it away. And for the moment your happiness from before is completely forgotten.

Well, I tell you this story, 'cause with love it's just like that...


A big bump. That's the first thing I remember from her. We ran into each other on the street. Literally. I was in a rush getting back to work after my lunch break, and only God knows the place she was rushing to. However we hit each other hard in many ways. She fell down on the floor, everything out of her purse slittering all over the sidewalk. I heard her cursing up a storm in the background but was busy looking at her stuff.  Her Gucci-Wallet, her I-phone, her expensive looking lip liner, a seperate thing to hold her credit cards. I remember that in that moment I already stereotyped her. A spoiled upper class girl with no sense for the need of others or interest in anything other than shopping. But then something else hit me. Her beauty. As she looked up to see what stupid idiot knocked her over, her enormous blue eyes staring right into mine. She took my breath away and it seemed like time was standing still. Now here's why I am a lucky person. In that moment she must have seen something in me. I don't know what it was, I am not special in any way. I am not very good-looking not dorky either. I don't seem very smart in the first place, I don't look stupid though. And the most important thing. I don't look like I've got a lot of money. Well, I don't so why would I look like it? That special day I was wearing old blue jeans paired with my favourite Metallica T-shirt. I'm just a normal guy, who clearly doesn't deserve the attention of a lady like her. However she glanced at me and to me it seemed like she was holding her breath for a moment longer then she should have. I wasn't able to let this chance go so I finally started talking. ' I am SO sorry. I was in  a rush to get back to work, I just saw through you, and believe me, I've no idea how THAT could have happened. Can I invite you to a  dinner to make up for it?' While saying that I kneeled down to pick up her lip liner. She took it out of my hand with that tiny little smile on her face and said: 'I meet you right here at 8 tonight.' 'On the street?' She laughed. Oh how I adored that tiny little laugh. 'No silly, in there!' She said pointing to the restaurant right next to us.


I'm telling you this was the best first date I've ever had in my life. To be fair, it was my first first date, but still I'm sure I'll remember it as the best first date I've ever had. I was waiting for her about half an hour. She was late and I was starting to get nervous. But when she got in, all of that disappeared in one second. The way she had dressed up in that stunning dress with just the right amount of make up blew me away. And I knew right away that she spent a long time picking the right thing to wear, which meant a lot to me. Women don't dress up for guys they're not interested in. And there it was again, that smile. The smile that became my favourite one in just a second. She came to my table, kissed me on my right cheek and sat down on the opposite side of my table. I don't remember, what she first said to me, nor what we talked about the first evening. All I remember was that tiny little kiss. It made me feel so good for  the next days. And even more surprising, that little thing between us kept going on. I don't know what she saw in me, I just know that to me she was the world. She was so perfect in the way she talked to me. She was smart. Crazy smart. And against my first impression of her, not spoiled or boring at all. No matter what topic came up, we pretty much agreed on everything without even knowing. It didn't seem acted but just natural. Everything with her seemed so natural. And so did our first real kiss. It was this one time, we went to a soccer game and when our team scored in the final 10 minutes she just grabbed me. I was overwhelmed. And it kept going on, perfect as it was.


Now here is where things started getting complicated. My friends were wondering where I spent all my evenings so I decided to introduce my lady to them. It was a nice  evening and they were all amazed about how happy we seemed together. I don't know why but after that day things started going down. Looking back I can't decide what was the origin, all I know is I didn't felt good with her anymore. My friends were asking all these questions about her and the look they gave me when I said 'This is not about money, our relationship is deeper than this' just kicked me right in my face. We were talking for hours about what was so special about her and us and for every good thing I had they responded with a couple of negatives.


This is where my favourite toy didn't seem to be the right thing for me anymore. It broke. The magic of the moment was gone. I called her up to tell her that it's over and she didn't even asked 'Why?'. She didn't even care about my thoughts. As long as it lasted it was fun for her, but she wasn't even bothered by me telling her to leave me alone. She never tried to call me. In fact I never talked to her again. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't done that. I don't know, if we would have had  our 'happily ever after', but I'm done asking myself stupid questions. I'm not going to look back, I am not doubting myself anymore. All I know is, I shouldn't have been that rational about it. It wasn't rational how I met her, it wasn't rational how it worked between us, and the decision to break up shouldn't have been a rational one. That's not how it works. Love is not about what other people say about your relationship, it's not about money, it's not about how alike you are. Either it feels right or it doesn't. So this is how I am going to end.


Remember that one moment when you meet somebody special and time seems to stand still? If you find somebody like that, hold on tight and don't ever...let go.



Miss Amerika am 10.2.10 02:05

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